Captain's Paw chair

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Garden chair for year-round enjoyment

The Captain’s Paw chair is perhaps the most functional of the outdoor dining chairs. Your chair won't ever be blown away, thanks to adjustable feet. With its stainless steel frame, the Paw chair conveys a more formal expression than its wooden-legged counterparts in the Captain’s series. The smooth contours and appealing material of the seat give this chair its cozy and inviting character. With a storage net under the seat for your bathing towel in summer or your ski goggles in winter, this chair is truly made for all-season enjoyment. 

Designed by Metrica



Polypropylene is resistant to stress corrosion. It may sound crazy that corrosion can also occur in plastics but it is true. This results in cracking, especially in areas where mechanical stress occurs in combination with a chemical attack. PP is a plastic that has very low susceptibility to this.

Choose wisely
A white polypropylene surface may be more sensitive to stains than a black one. Polypropylene is quite a soft material and thus sensitive to scratches.


Stainless steel 303 & 304

Stainless steel 303 & 304

For some products we combine different high quality types of stainless steel. Aggressive environmental conditions caused by chlorides, acid rain, salt and other rusty materials will require periodic maintenance.

Choose wisely
We advise regular treatment with stainless steel cleaner or protector, especially in aggressive environments. Products to clean and protect are widely available.




Felt is a textile that is produced by matting, condensing and pressing fibres together. Felt can be made of natural fibres such as wool or synthetic fibres such as acrylic.

Choose wisely
Our wool felt is naturally water repellent. It can take a few drops, but should not be left outside.

Verdigris Verdigris
Earth Earth
Reed green (RAL6013) Reed green (RAL6013)
Papyrus white (RAL9018) Papyrus white (RAL9018)
Black (RAL9005) Black (RAL9005)
White (RAL9016) White (RAL9016)
Silver grey Silver grey
Brown mélange Brown mélange
Anthracite Anthracite
Leaf green Leaf green
Bordeaux, red Bordeaux, red
Papaya, orange Papaya, orange

The Captain's Paw chair is available in one dimension.

61 cm
63 cm
80 cm
8 kg


Storage net

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