Kosmos freestanding table

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Durable and compact table

This Kosmos table can be combined with the Kosmos 3-seater. With a height of 65 cm, it can be used as a desk, bistro table, side table or coffee table. The High-Pressure Laminate (HPL) tabletop is extremely durable, scratch-resistant and requires a bare minimum of maintenance. The stainless steel frame makes it suitable for both public spaces and private homes, indoors and outdoors.

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Stainless steel 303 & 304

Stainless steel 303 & 304

For some products we combine different high quality types of stainless steel. Aggressive environmental conditions caused by chlorides, acid rain, salt and other rusty materials will require periodic maintenance.

Choose wisely
We advise regular treatment with stainless steel cleaner or protector, especially in aggressive environments. Products to clean and protect are widely available.

How to treat stainless steel
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Tabletop & base plate

High pressure laminate

High pressure laminate

High pressure laminate (HPL) is a flat panel based on thermosetting resins, homogeneously reinforced with wood fibres and manufactured under high pressure and at high temperatures. Its integrated surface is based on pigmented resins cured by electron beams. The modulus of elasticity and high tensile and flexural strength guarantee HPL's high impact resistance. The closed surface makes it easy to clean.

Choose wisely
Choose a white HPL tabletop only if you are willing to clean the surface regularly.

Tabletop & base plate
White White
Black Black
Earth Earth

The Kosmos freestanding table is available in one dimension.

112 cm
65 cm
32 kg