Competition rules

These are the competition rules of the "30 years Gargantua" contest.

Competition rules

1 Entry conditions

1.1    We are accepting entries until noon on 15 August 2023.

1.2    An entry must consist of at least one high quality photo of the Extremis Gargantua table (at least 1200 pixels wide — a smartphone camera is perfectly adequate) with the benches and table top clearly visible. This photo automatically qualifies you for the 'Gargantua in best condition' category. 

1.3    If you also send a photo of your Gargantua in its setting, you have a chance to go for the big prize in the ‘most congenial setting for a Gargantua' category. If you do not submit this photo, you will still be considered for the other categories.

1.4    If you also tell us about a fun memory from around your Gargantua, you will have a chance of winning the 'most original story' prize. If you leave this entry field blank, without submitting a memory from time spent round your Gargantua, you can still take part in the other categories.

2 Gargantua and judging

2.1    Only entries from owners of a Gargantua produced between 1994 and 2000 are accepted.

2.2    How do I know if my Gargantua dates from last millennium? The early 2000s saw a clear visual design change: the bench support — the galvanised plate on the bottom of the benches — was given a different look. Instead of five small openings, the plate has a single large opening. So if you have multiple round openings in the bench support, bingo!

2.3    The different perspectives from which your photos are taken, the lighting, sharpness, etc. should make it possible to judge how well the table has been looked after and the quality of its setting. We may ask for additional photos to be submitted at any time if judging is not possible based on the photo(s) submitted, but Extremis is under no obligation to do so. If necessary, we will use the e-mail address given by the participant for this purpose.

2.4    The verdict of the togetherness jury is of course final and not open to dispute.

3 The winners

3.1    The winners, three in total, will be notified using the email address and phone number submitted. This is to avoid fake social media accounts making plausible claims that you have won.

3.2    The winners will each get a Gargantuan party for eight people around their own Gargantua at home. Winners can invite their own guests and welcome our team of five including a cook, waiters, photographer, etc. Food will be served for up to eight people.

3.3    The party will be held in September 2023, the date to be determined by mutual agreement with Extremis.

3.4    The winners will let us know at least seven days in advance how many guests are to be catered for and whether any particular allergies or requirements need to be taken into account. 

3.5    The winners will make their kitchens available for the purpose (although almost everything will be prepared in the Vonken oven).

3.6    The winners — also on behalf of their guests — expressly authorise Extremis to use the images (photo and video) for marketing purposes.

Extremis reserves the right, in any individual jurisdiction, to suspend or withdraw the competition at any time if it is obliged to do so for legal reasons or for compelling self-regulatory reasons, without giving rise to any right to compensation to the entrants.