A green lobby

Tokyo, Japan

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A green lobby
Tools for togetherness
This Japanese post-production company for films, television programs, and commercials offers several biophilic benches at the entrance of the office lobby for waiting in complete serenity. This solution adds a comfortable place to sit and adds a touch of green to the building’s white corridors. 

No park around?

No worries

Who said modern corporate buildings and nature can’t get along? An elegant marriage of nature and design, the Romeo & Juliet benches combine seating with greenery. Made of long wooden slats and two plant pots, they combine simplicity with refinement. Pick a small tree or plant of your choice to match the local climate and esthetic. 

The Romeo & Juliet bench acts as a biophilic space divider that breaks the open space. The bench is made of Jatoba wood (FSC 100%). This hardwood is extremely durable and stable and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. 

Pictures by Joji Okamoto