Cologne, Germany

Brewing brilliant ideas at Orgatec

Come and visit our idea brewery at Orgatec. From timeless designs to inspiring quality brews, Extremis always has an extra sparkle to uncork with its 'tools for togetherness'. Get inspired by progressive proposals to transform a basic workplace into a space for inspiration, and the meeting room into a community place. 
Find out how ideas mature and are bottled into fully-fledged products that are indispensable in the project market.

Brewing brilliant ideas at Orgatec

Design is a brewing process

At Extremis, pioneering ideas lie quietly maturing in a perfectly balanced climate. A dash of creativity, a few pinches of innovation, a dose of daring and some West Flemish hops; these are the basic ingredients that are used in our brewery of ideas to make true tools for togetherness. 

And this togetherness needs to be shared, everywhere, because that's how you create the right atmosphere for unique brews. Bring your employees together before, during, and after work, and the 'beer' will flow. 

AMAi, a barrel full of togetherness

The latest brew that Dirk Wynants has concocted is one for the workplace, outdoor space, and everything in between. AMAi is the perfect office furniture, or better still, Out of Office furniture. Because who says that work only happens indoors or that a working day consists only of working? 

Standing or sitting, indoors or outdoors, lunch break or a brainstorming session with colleagues? Complemented by a shade, lights and power, a kitchen or a bar... With AMAi, you create endless unique combinations that’ll make togetherness flow freely.

Come visit us!

Discover the brewing process that brings us the most innovative designs, taste the award-winning saison beer Tremist, get inspired by new ways to make the working day brilliant, and go home with your own plans for a challenging brewing process.

Be sure to drop by for a refreshing take on the future of work and leave foaming with ideas! 

25 – 29 October
Orgatec, Cologne 
Hall 10.2, stand J-001

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