How do we bring back nature?

Jan '21

Do you enjoy listening to the birds chirping? Yes? And do you enjoy dipping your toes in a river? Is that a yes too? Then you probably enjoy a colorful patch of flowers? Yes?! It must be magic? Well it isn’t. It’s nature.

How do we bring back nature?

The last human instinct

People love nature. They can't help it. It’s instinctive. This inborn need to be connected with nature has a name. It’s called biophilia. It explains why we love the sound of pouring water, crackling fire or crashing waves, why we like to pet animals, breath in the spring air, play with shadows and seek the thrill of heights.

And it’s with good reason that people love the great outdoors. Nature has countless advantages over people: it relieves stress, makes people think positively and increases overall health. And what's more, nature increases productivity and lowers absenteeism and crime.

Win-win, right? And yet, as much as we love and need nature we don’t have the time for it. Certainly not every day. While Covid-19 roams the world, more and more people are (re)discovering nature. But when this pandemic is over – hallelujah – and life continues at its usual pace, most people, yet again, will be deprived of the soothing effects of nature.

Maybe, just maybe, it’s time to reconnect with nature?

There is hope! After years of locking ourselves up in sterile and lifeless buildings, sheltered from the elements of nature, there’s a growing need to be reconnected with nature on a daily basis. And what better way to embrace this biophilia, than to bring nature and all its benefits into our built world?

That’s easier said than done. How do you bring nature indoors? Well it’s not by spending your entire paycheck on houseplants and freshly cut flowers. Sure, plants are a part of the process, but there are many more ways to replicate nature’s physical, psychological and emotional benefits. We’ve searched and found the answer in biophilic design.

By intertwining nature in our architecture, furniture and spaces, the built world becomes an inspiring and refreshing place where people feel truly at ease. This is how the inborn need to be connected with nature is always satisfied, allowing people to live in this present-day world without feeling the disadvantages of the big city life.

How you ask? Well, we will gladly show you the way.

Enlighten yourself

Biophilic design is not a simple all-in-one solution. It’s a mouthful. To make it easier we’ve researched the phenomenon of biophilic design, collected all the essential information and wrapped it up, completely for free, just for you.

You can either read our complete guide to biophilic design or listen to our podcast Why on Earth, or both if you’re really eager.


The guide carefully explains the multiple layers of biophilic design in some 90 pages with lots of striking illustrations. You’ll learn why we need nature around, how you can integrate it in your daily life and get inspired by some fine examples…

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In the 30-minute podcast the connection between people and nature is explained through an inspiring interview with researcher Judith Heerwagen who shares the latest view on biophilic design.

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