Ready for some real magic?

Mar '21

Our newest creation called 'AMAI' reveals its magical existence in a cinematic, and also... kind of dramatic way. It promises to be a grand premiere you don't want to miss!

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Ready for some real magic?

Harry Topper and the Table of Proven

A story about the birth of AMAI

Harry Topper is a young wizard who is still learning how to do magic properly. One day, he’s approached by Dirkus Documentus to join him on a magical quest. A quest that starts in the lovely town of Proven in Belgium.

Together with his wizardly friends, Harry uncovers several jaw-dropping mysteries, and with the help of Dirkus, he is able to conjure yet another multifunctional piece of furniture. Watch closely as they reveal this magical tool for togetherness. But be careful while you’re discovering A Magnificent Amazi…. Ssht, call it AMAI, or you’ll break the magical spell…

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19 April 2021
6:00 pm 🔸 Nederlands (NL)
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21 April 2021
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6:00 pm 🔸 English (EN)
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22 April 2021
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an Extremis film production

“Harry Topper and the Table of Proven”
for the digital product launch of 'AMAI'

Actors: Dirk Wynants, Nils Ferlin, Lien Sinnesael, Nicola Bonriposi, David Bridelance, Bert Vanhove | Filmed in: The beautiful west corner of Flanders in Belgium | Production: Stokedhouse | Written by: Dirk Wynants | Director: Joey Tuyaerts