Poperinge, Belgium

Watou Arts Festival

The 40th edition of the Watou Arts Festival represents movement, harmony, humanity and intensity. Filled with the multi-layered nature of art, the festival joins poetry and visual arts that challenge the senses. ‘Watou 2021’ starts from within mankind. Questioning people and asking: What is our role and position in this world?

Watou Arts Festival

The position of mankind in the world

Art, poetry, nature and one another

We felt a strong connection with this year's theme of the art festival, as we like to create furniture that is human-centered. So, along with the curators, we ask the same question: What is our role and position in this world? 

Furniture fades into art

Artistic collaboration with Extremis

To start this interesting dialogue, we asked a couple of artists to rethink and transform one of our furniture pieces. Our Bistroo two-seater already introduces a new way of interaction, one where you sit next to each other and literally share the same view. But the question is; what remains of this concept once five artists had their way with it?

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Discover all five Bistroo creations at Watou Arts Festival:

  • Sarah en Charles
    This artistic duo took on two Bistroo’s as their canvas and blurred the lines between furniture and art. Can you spot them against the archetypal Belgian brick walls?

    Located at Brouwerij Van Eecke & ’t Graafschap

  • Studio Arocha-Schraenen
    Carla Arocha & Stéphane Schraenen from Studio Arocha-Schraenen created two very appealing versions of our two-seater by adding a mesmerizing pattern of lines.

    Located at Festivalhuis & Sint-Bavokerk Watou

  • Joris Van De Moortel
    By carefully adding graphic art onto a robust and uncoated Bistroo, the piece of furniture suddenly becomes an artistic surface.

    Located at De lovie Kapel

Creations that spark dialogue and invite you to sit and talk next to each other, while new insights uncover.

Unique setting

Pearls of the Westhoek region

Every summer, the Watou Arts Festival pitches its tents in the surroundings of the tiny art village Watou, located in the Westhoek region, near the French border and right next to Extremis. It's the love we share for the countryside, together with our overlapping interest in art, poetry, and design that connects us. We're always looking forward to partner up and enjoy this annual art event where people love to come together. 

It truly is a unique artistic experience that arises from the convergence of visual art and poetry in surprising spaces, full of character.

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