Friday, May 29, 2015

Link Bubble Browser - Cutting-edge Android Design

In my opinion, one specific app was really the pioneer of many of the new features and concepts that Google discussed at I/O yesterday. Chris Lacy's Link Bubble Browser Pro:

A mobile browser on top of mobile apps that keeps you in the context of your original app experience. With Link Bubble you can check a quick article linked from Google+ and then easily share the link, save the link bubble for later, or close the bubble and return to your Stream. Link Bubble also pioneered the Material Design aesthetic with the circular action button hovering on top of other screens.

There may have been other developers and other apps, but I really give credit to Chris Lacy and Link Bubble for incredible, forward thinking strategy and design.


This is in response to a Google+ Post by Eli Fennell who was commenting on the big announcements from the Google I/O Conference yesterday:

Eli Fennell
Back to the Web: Google I/O 2015

Google is a web company. This is such an uncontroversial statement it usually goes unchallenged, despite how awkwardly it seems to fit with their focus on Android and the mobile app ecosystem.

The irony of this has not escaped The Chocolate Factory, and in recent years much of their development effort in mobile has been geared to making the web the center of our mobile internet experience. As native apps for desktop platforms were once displaced by the browser, so Google wants the mobile browser, web apps, and web views to displace the dominance of native apps. In the meantime, the apps themselves are being transformed into more web-like entities capable of rapid updates, A/B testing, Search indexing, and more

Our mobile devices, however, demand Intelligent Organization even more than our PC's. Mobile screens are smaller, and such devices tend to be used more on-the-go, so that we don't even just use touch instead of a keyboard and mouse, but in some cases cannot even conveniently rely on touch.

Enter Google Now and Now On Tap. Moving beyond the simple queries of the desktop era, Google Now pro actively seeks out information to surface, with a preference for contextual value (i.e. surfacing just the right information at just the right times and places). Now On Tap goes even further by combining data from your open apps and web pages with data from other apps and services and contextual data to serve up on-demand actions and information. Ask Now the real name of the musician playing in your music app; for navigation to the restaurant whose website you're looking at; summon an Uber or Lyft with a simple voice command without even opening the apps.

The web is much larger than any app store can contain, and demands more intelligent organization than ever before with so many different types of devices and form factors in use. Until now, it has seemingly remained an open question, "Who will be the Google of smartphones?" Google may just have answered that.
Google's Ingenious Plan to Make Apps Obsolete | WIRED
Google just laid out a course for making apps obsolete. And it's paved by Google Now.

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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Ubiquitous Social Blogging

I've successfully connected Blogger to Google+ and Google+ to Blogger. Feel free to read this post on my blogspot:! (and then click through back to G+ to read the post again... and then click back to my site and then back here again... hopefully Blogger and G+ get tighter integration soon)

By the way... I love the word ubiquitous.    ;)

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Monday, May 25, 2015

Testing. Testing. 1, 2, 3. Testing.

So about the attached image... any comments or feedback about Game Theory or the Prisoners' dilemma?
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