Refurbishing a Gargantua tabletop segment

Very rarely (+/- 35 min)

Make sure that the damage can't be repaired by simply sanding the wood. If that’s not possible, follow the steps below to replace a tabletop segment at the Gargantua picnic table.


Follow the instructions below or in the video above

  • Take out the damaged segment
  • Place the new segment, nicely fitting the predrilled holes
  • Fix the segment with clams
  • Add a piece of cardboard to prevent scratching
  • Put a piece of tape on the drill at 25 mm from the tip. This will indicate how deep you can drill
  • Drill the holes 25 mm deep
  • Screw in the new screws
  • Caution! Don't tighten it too much, the screws should hug the center plate

You are ready to admire your work. There may be a color difference with other planks, but this will fade over time when the furniture is outdoors.


These are the tools you need

  • New segment
  • Electric screwdriver
  • Drill with diameter 3 mm
  • New screws
  • Tape
  • Pencil
  • 2 clams
  • 2 pieces of cardboard
  • Ruler