Choose wisely

Looking for design furniture that suits your lifestyle? Let this be your compass, and may it lead you to choose wisely. To love your design furniture unconditionally and cherish it for as long as possible, there are a few things that you should bear in mind.

Choose  wisely

Choosing materials

Durability is built into the aesthetics of each Extremis creation

There is a single, lofty purpose behind the superior material quality of Extremis furniture and the way the products are designed. And that is - to make them last…. for longer... We want you to enjoy your ‘tools for togetherness’ for as long as possible. But there are pros and cons to every material, depending on the local climate and exactly where you place them. Allow us to enlighten you!  


Wood is a living material that constantly adapts to changes in temperature and humidity. Despite the superior quality of the wood species we use, exposure to sun and rain will gradually change their color to silvery grey and roughen the surface. We recommend that you treat your wood regularly with wood oil to protect it.

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Generally speaking, aluminum and steel are low-maintenance materials. Thanks to powder coating techniques, these materials are available in several colors. Choose white only if you are willing to take greater care and clean your products regularly. If you are not big on cleaning you should consider galvanized steel for your furniture.

What to expect from metals 

Choose wisely

Extremis products are all-weather proof, but the cushions and parasol fabrics are not. Although these outdoor fabrics are highly durable and water-repellent, they are not waterproof. Be sure to store your cushions during downpours and when not in use place the protective cover over your parasol.

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At extremis we combine materials that complement each other as they age.

Choosing colors

More than just personal taste...

You should base your choice of color on elements such as heat absorption, reflection and maintenance. To pick the right color for your furniture, consider whether or not it is exposed to direct sunlight.

Choose wisely
Choose wisely color infographic

Remember that darker colors absorb more heat when exposed to direct sunlight. Whereas all-white surfaces reflect more sunlight than your eyes can bear. Sunglasses? Check! 

White and light colors tend to look dirtier over time and will need more maintenance.

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Choosing the right spot

The surroundings affect the maintenance needed

Extremis products are built for the outdoors. They look just as stunning indoors, where they will obviously require less maintenance. We have a few pointers for you when placing your furniture outdoors.

On firm ground

Make sure the ground is firm. It is possible to place a table on the grass, but not practical. On grass, dirt and humidity can damage the legs of your furniture, and it will certainly ruin your lawn! A firm and flat-surfaced terrace is the wisest choice.

Kemmel hill

Mind the birds and the trees

Look up. Think about what might fall onto your outdoor furniture. Do birds s(h)it overhead? Are berries, leaves or resins likely to fall from a tree, creating stains? If so, be prepared to cover or clean your furniture more often. Or find another spot. 


In a ray of sunlight

Ever noticed how a north-facing wall can turn green? It's due to the lack of sun or dry air. Any structure will gather mold, mildew or moss in high humidity. Placing your furniture in the sun can prevent this. Always try to avoid sunless or very damp and humid conditions.


When the wind blows

Extremis products are very strong and also our umbrellas are designed to withstand the forces of mother nature’s breezes. Yet, a good practice to get into is keeping your umbrella closed when you are not using it

We strongly advise you to close the umbrella at:



31 mph / 6 Beaufort (49 km/h)

AMAi shade


18 mph / 4 Beaufort (28 km/h)



31 mph / 6 Beaufort (49 km/h)



31 mph / 6 Beaufort (49 km/h)

Kosmos shade


18 mph / 4 Beaufort (28 km/h)

Hopper shade


18 mph / 4 Beaufort (28 km/h)



18 mph / 4 Beaufort (28 km/h)

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