A Festival at Home with Panigiri

The balance between the wild and the serene, tradition and innovation, leisure and ecstatic joy. Similar to the Greek festival, Panigiri invites young and old to join around the table to talk, eat, laugh, drink, and feast. With a unique blend of classic wood and innovative seating options, Panigiri is a table designed to foster togetherness and celebrate life.

A Festival at Home with Panigiri

A festival in Milan

Inspired by the joyful and communal spirit of a Panigiri festival, the new collection combines authentic materials and timeless colors to recreate a nonchalant, sun-drenched atmosphere.

Designer Dirk Wynants explains: "Panigiri joins smart design with a welcoming atmosphere, it’s an invitation to come together - whether it's an intimate dinner party or a big family gathering.

Panigiri is the balance between the wild and the serene, tradition and innovation, leisure and ecstatic joy.

Gathering all // Panigiri

The use of wood and powder coated stainless steel follows Extremis’ established design language of timeless and strong materials. With a width of 1 meter, the tabletop royally offers ample tablespace.

As always, versatility has been kept in mind throughout the design process. The modular design creates different seating options; the picnic legs form the basis for a bench and the table legs combine with (wheel)chairs. The legs can be placed in any desired configuration, allowing for maximum customization. Mix and match benches and chairs to create your desired setup.

An endless festival

Only three elements are used to compose the table: two end tops, a center top, and legs. A set-up with only these three elements, seats 8 people royally. By adding another center top to the configuration, you increase the length with 4 extra seats. Build your desired length, there are no limits! 

Panigiri's modular design allows you to build your own table which is compact to transport. Since each element fits on a pallet, you can create an endless table without having to provide impossibly long transport. 

Designed to foster togetherness

Panigiri combines the royal look and feel of a long table with the flexibility of a short table. 

  • Length: 
    • A standard table is 326 cm long and seats 8 people 
    • Increase the length by 156 cm, adding 4 seats - there are no limits!
  • Build your own favorite table: opt for benches, chairs, or a mixture of the two
  • Wheelchair accessible 
  • Materials:
    • Galvanized steel frame
    • Structured powder coated stainless steel legs
    • Hellwood (thermic-treated Ash wood)
  • Transport friendly: a table for 40 people is more than 15 m long and fits in a high cube container  
  • Waste optimizing: the short wooden slats are recuperated from the excess wood used in other collections
  • Options:
    • Cushions: slide in the wood
    • Backrest cushion: stackable and made of outdoor fabric

Panigiri joins smart design with a welcoming atmosphere...

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