What to expect from metals

At Extremis, we don’t like to make compromises. Our outdoor furniture needs to be strong, durable, low-maintenance, and beautiful all at once. In our search for materials that can truly stay outdoors, are super long-lasting, and don’t need protective covers, we’ve found that metals fit the bill.

To protect metal products from damage and wear, both indoors and outdoors, a durable finish coat is essential. At Extremis, we offer powder coated metals and hot-dip galvanized steel finishes. While these finishes are comparable with one another, they’re far from the same, and each one produces different outcomes.

What to expect from metals
Brand new galvanized steel
Weathered galvanized steel


The George Clooney of coating techniques

Furniture with galvanized surfaces are masters at camouflaging dirt. If you’re not big on cleaning, this is your go-to choice! This rough, star-spangled material is ‘the George Clooney’ of coating techniques as it gets more beautiful with age... At first, galvanized pieces are shiny, metallic silver but gradually they become matte under the influence of sun and rain. Combined with the natural patina of our wooden finishes, the entire piece gets a silvery-grey and timeless appearance.

Galvanized steel is the ideal material for outdoor, low-maintenance, and intensively-used spaces such as public places, educational settings, and all-weather spaces. The material is known for its durability against the elements and its sturdy, impregnable surface that makes it nearly impossible to get scratches on.

While galvanization is an energy-intensive process, the extreme durability and recyclability of the steel make up for this. The specific process we use even received the Cradle2Cradle certificate from the Products Innovation Institute (US).

How does it work? 
Galvanization is the practice of dipping steel in hot, molten zinc. This process prevents steel from corroding and makes it long-lasting and low-maintenance. 

Available in only one color: silvery grey. 

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Powder coated

An even finish in a wide variety of colors

Powder coating is a resilient, durable, versatile, and attractive finish to our products. Powder coatings prove to be a worthy match when compared to the durability of galvanized steel. It lasts for years under the most intense weather conditions and provides protection from wear, rust, weathering, and also fading when exposed to outdoor elements.

The beauty of powder coating is that it provides an even finish along the surface of the furniture without marks of running, dripping, or sagging. While galvanizing comes in silvery grey, powder coatings come in a wide variety of colors that matches your furniture setting with any colored theme. Another clear benefit of powder coating is how environmentally friendly the process is from preparation to completion.

How does it work?
Powder coating is a technique of applying dry paint. The powdered paint is electrostatically charged and sprayed onto the metal. The piece is then placed in an oven and the powder particles melt and coalesce to form a continuous film, that is durable and resistant to chips and corrosion.

Powder coating comes in many colors to give a stylish look to your outdoor furniture that matches your area. We must warn you to only choose white powder coating when you are willing to clean the surface regularly. Just like you don’t expect your teeth to stay white without brushing them, your outdoor furniture won't stay bright white without some maintenance. 

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Choose wisely

Galvanized, powder coated or wooden?

Depending on the intensity of use, placement, aesthetics, and maintenance, each choice has its own pros and cons. Powder coated materials are easy to maintain and will not change color, however, they are more prone to scratches than galvanized steel materials. A scratch on a powder coated surface can be touched up with a marker, but applying a new powder coating is expensive. A scratch on a wooden surface can be sanded multiple times, which is easy peasy!

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