Refurbishing an Anker tabletop plank

Very rarely (+/- 20 min)

Make sure that the damage can't be repaired by simply sanding the wood. If that’s not possible, follow the steps below to replace a tabletop plank at the Anker six-seater picnic table.


Follow the instructions below or in the video above

  • Take out the damaged slat
  • Place the new slat
  • Place two hex keys between the two slats and press the new slat against them
  • Fix the slat with two clams
    Caution! Add a piece of cardboard to prevent scratching
  • Put a piece of tape on the drill at 15 mm from the tip. This will indicate how deep you can drill
  • Drill the holes 15 mm deep
  • Screw in the new screws
    Caution! Don't tighten it too much, the screw should hug the frame softly

And you’re ready to go! There may be a color difference with other planks, but this will fade over time when the furniture is outdoors.


These are the tools you need

  • New table slat
  • Electric screwdriver
  • Drill with diameter 2 mm
  • Screws
  • Tape
  • Pencil
  • Two drills or hex keys with diameter 3 mm
  • Two clams
  • Two pieces of cardboard
  • Ruler

Find spare parts

In the refurbishment guide

From touching up an ugly scratch, to replacing a broken wood slat, or simply changing a foot cap, this guide will assist you in ordering the right spare part.

This list contains the most requested replacement parts, if you need other refurbishment tools to restore your beloved Tool for togetherness, let us know!