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You’ll notice that our designs are timeless and durable. They can withstand any weather condition and will last for generations.  

But, just like any of us, they sometimes need some TLC – tender loving care – to remain in the best condition possible. Thanks to our maintenance products and tips, you can keep your tool for togetherness in tip-top shape! 

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Our maintenance tips



We advise you to oil the wood before the first use. Our Wood Protector is a 100% natural oil that controls the moisture level within the wood, which makes the planks stay stable for longer, and the layer of oil also helps to prevent spilled liquids from being absorbed, so that stains tend to stay superficial. It is best to repeat this treatment yearly. 

Although the oil is colorless, the wood will be darker after this treatment. Here you have an idea of what it will look like:

Natural Hellwood
Oiled Hellwood
Natural Iroko
Oiled Iroko


Clean the wood regularly and immediately after use with a damp cloth. To remove stubborn remains of dirt, simply use a stiff brush and some water. Be careful not to permanently damage the fibers. For this reason, never ever use a high-pressure cleaner to clean wood.


Thorough cleaning

Depending on the weather conditions, wood needs a decent polish at least once a year. We would recommend doing this before Spring and before Winter, if your furniture is outside the whole year round. Pick one of those humid, cloudy days, as it is better for the moisture level in the wood to dry out slowly after cleaning.



After a few years, there will be little cracks and maybe some warping in your wood. This is completely normal, because wood is a natural, living material. Solid wood has the great benefit that you can sand away the top layer to make the surface smooth and flat again. You can do this every two to four years with a hand-held sander. Do it on a dry day. Use 80-grit sandpaper for this.

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