Wheelchair accessibility

We make ‘Tools for Togetherness for Everyone’ and support full inclusivity. As specifications for wheelchair accessibility vary around the world, please visit our technical sheets to ensure the measurements of each solution meets the specifications of your local requirements. Some of our wheelchair accessible products are also ADA-compliant. Contact our professional staff for more information: na@extremis.com. 

Wheelchair accessibility

Our furniture is made to last, so picking the right piece is a crucial step in completing your project plans. The following tables and picnic benches have been built with wheelchair users in mind and don’t need any product modifications. These furniture pieces not only allow the users to gain access to the tables but also contribute to the social aspects of sitting at the same table. Besides facilitating wheelchair access, this furniture is also perfect for pushchairs.


Double side access when tabletop is at standard position

Hopper bench

Single side access

Hopper combo

Single side access

Marina combo

Double side and single end access

Marina picnic

Double end access, but not possible for the 165 cm version

Marina double desk

Double side access

Marina table

Double side access


Double side & Double end access

Wheelchair accessibility - Panigiri


Single end access


Single end access, when two benches are at tabletop height

Virus wheelchair accesibility

We strive to make our furniture both accessible and inclusive. So with some minor adaptations we made the Virus picnic tables accessible for those with mobility issues. By removing one of the legs, in the Virus 4 or 5-seater, a wheelchair fits perfectly in the gap.

Virus 4-seater wheelchair

One leg has to be removed and the Virus needs to be fastened to the floor

Virus 5-seater wheelchair

One leg has to be removed

Hopper picnic wheelchair accessibility

Our baseline ‘Tools for Togetherness’ implies that we provide high quality products for everybody, even our wheelchair using friends. Proof are the tailor-made versions of our popular Hopper picnic tables. By shortening the benches on one or two sides, wheelchair access is facilitated. Let’s bring inclusivity to the table!

The price of the Hopper picnic is subject to size, finish and quantity. Keep in mind that these special Hopper picnic versions are only available in 300 cm and 360 cm.

Hopper picnic wheelchair

One bench has been made shorter and a stainless steel connection piece is added

Hopper picnic wheelchair AA

One bench has been made shorter and a stainless steel connection piece is added

Would you like to receive more information about our wheelchair accesibility options? Contact us for assistance via phone or email!

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