A splashing day with the kids

Menen, Belgium

At home, Walrus

A splashing day with the kids
Tools for togetherness

The tall, sunny porch is just the place for Kathy and Frank to enjoy a Sunday afternoon coffee. It feels like an extended room with giant glassless windows. A front row seat with a garden view.

All-weather bliss

The only outdoor sofa that can really stay outdoors.

Kathy and Frank are not alone in enjoying this sunny Sunday afternoon. Granddaughters Héloise and Jeanne are here, exploring the wonders of the beautiful garden; plunging into the deep blue sea, clambering over sofa mountain and taking refuge in grandad's arms.

Kathy and Frank needn't worry about the girls at play, because the Walrus sofa is fully waterproof. In just seconds, Walrus turns into a soft and cozy whole, allowing every precious moment to be spent with the kids. 

Menen Outdoor
No cushions
With cushions & togetherness

The garden looks good every moment of the year. The pool is a gift in summertime, and the porch is our spot to watch the seasons change.

Pictures by Beeldcollectief

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