Autumn colored tables

Kemmel, Belgium

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Autumn colored tables
Tools for togetherness

This sweater weather is great!  If not for the falling leaves and fresh air, then maybe for a good talk with some hot cocoa. And hurry up because winter is coming...  Just kidding, our tables are frost and snowproof!

Falling in love with fall

Right when the days grow shorter and leaves start falling down, you’ll find a sense of comfort and warmth around you. Leave the warm fireplace and Halloween movies aside for once, and take your hot cocoa outside. Tucked away in scarves and furry jackets, surrounded by the most beautifully colored leaves, you’ll feel one with the change in the season.

Winter is coming... Just kidding, our tables are frost and snowproof!

These Virus tables agree perfectly with the richly colored and picturesque surroundings of this castle. Your hot cocoa will never taste the same…

Pictures by Ciska Callens

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