Sheltered in the glasshouse

Reningelst, Belgium

At home, Hopper

Sheltered in the glasshouse
Tools for togetherness

Sometimes it rains in the summertime - especially when you live in Belgium… But sheltered in this glasshouse with a cup of good soup, you’ll get to enjoy the rain!

Joining together indoors with outdoors and old with new, this Hopper picnic table with Reed green legs is a perfect fit.

The green legs add a calm and natural feeling to this streamlined design.

A sleek, designer look

With warm natural tones

Next to black, white, or galvanized legs, Hopper now also comes with Verdigris, Earth, or Reed green-colored legs. Each color sets the right tone without grabbing all the attention.

The streamlined design gives a clean and sleek look, and thanks to the low entry points of the benches you don’t need to be a gymnast to get on the bench, just slide in from the sides.

Pictures by Beeldcollectief.

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