Refurbishing Inumbrina fabric

Very rarely (+/- 40 min)

Shit happens. Sometimes the fabric of your umbrella rips, gets stains, or maybe you just want to change the color.

Hey! You don’t need to be an engineer to understand our products, and you don’t even need to be great at DIY to replace a part. We're here to help you, follow the steps below to replace the fabric of your Inumbrina shade.

  • Close Inumbrina
  • Put the parasol onto a clean surface
  • Remove the cord
  • While lifting the fabric
  • Unscrew the bolts on the steel cables with the hex key
  • Remove the stainless steel cables…
    … by moving each knot towards the parasol pole
  • Remove the upper disc…
    … by unscrewing the bolt on top
  • Remove the cord completely
  • Pull out the central pole
  • Separate the support ribs from the crown…
    … by unscrewing the bolts
  • Repeat this step for each support rib
  • Take off the crown
  • Remove all support ribs from the fabric
  • Inumbra is now completely demounted
  • Wash your hands
  • Lay out the new fabric on a clean area
  • Shove the support ribs in the fabric…
  • Rubber caps first and with the hole on top
  • Attach the cables to the support ribs…
    By opening up the fabric and rescrewing the bolts
    Careful! Don't jam the fabric under the bolt
    Careful! Direct the cables towards the top of the parasol
  • Put the crown on the support ribs
  • Attach the support ribs to the crown…
  • By rescrewing the bolts
  • Repeat this step for each support rib
  • Replace the central pole through the crown
    Careful! The two grooves should be on top
    Careful! Align the pole correctly. The cleat is positioned underneath the holes on the crown.
  • Put the upper disc back
    …matching the disc with the grooves in the pole
  • Attach the cables to the disc...
    and pull them away from the pole
  • Put Inumbra back in the table
  • Put the cord back into the crown
  • Start by putting the knotted cord in at the hole in the crown
    Pull the cord down over the lower pulley
    And bring it back up via the hole and over the upper pulley
  • Pull the cord back down via the other hole and through the black handle

You're ready to spend a day in the shade!


These are the tools you need

  • New fabric
  • Flathead screwdriver
  • Hex key #4
  • Spanner 7
  • 2 x spanner 13

Our maintenance tools

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Although highly resistant to UV radiation, slight discoloration will appear over time. Protect your shade to the fullest with the cover, and regularly clean the stainless steel poles to keep them stain-less.

We offer a fine selection of maintenance tools that help you keep your Extremis furniture in shape in our webshop.

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