Exploring the next-gen workplace

The office is dead. Or at least that’s what many headlines recurrently state – especially after the global health crisis pushed people into working from home. But what if we got rid of the things most people hate about the office and turned it into a place workers look forward to going to?

Exploring the next-gen workplace

Work hard, play hard

Over the years, workplaces have changed a lot, but the pandemic further accelerated many workplace trends – including where, when, and how people want to work. And, while many workers might have enjoyed the extra time at home initially, the truth following the initial shock has emerged: the “new normal” isn’t necessarily a world without offices, it’s a world where workers know what they want and have the power of choice.

Employees aren’t willing to commute for hours to be stuck in a sterile room just to get paid. Offices are more than places of work and people in them are more than disposable workers, they want to feel cared for and at home. With changing work attitudes, a growing war for talent, and the pandemic as a catalyst for change, an opportunity arises to rethink the physical workplace.


For many of us, maybe for more than we like to admit, work is our primary identity. While spending a major part of our lives in the office, we'd better make the most of it.

When the dust settles and people return to the workplace, the office will feel much different to the one we left. It's time to pause, reevaluate and reinvent the office so that we won’t be stepping back in time, but moving forward.

Let’s use this momentum to create an office that's not just a container for work, but instead, an inviting place that brings people together and brings out the best in them by harnessing the advantages of flexibility, choice, nature, and community building.

The workplace can be a place where people leave more energized than when they arrive in the morning.

Using design, the office will embrace healthy behaviors and put people’s well-being at the core. Throughout this e-book, we dare to think about what was good in the office, what didn’t work or is no longer required today, and what might make the office work for you.

By placing more emphasis on purpose, social interaction, and a sense of belonging, we hope to give more people a workday they look forward to having.

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