On a magical mission

With all design fairs and events being canceled, we committed to the idea of introducing our newest product 'AMAi' with some digital hocus pocus. But, how to catch all the magical features of such a new innovation in an... online meeting?

On a magical mission

Harry Topper and the Table of Proven

A story about the birth of AMAi

Bound to connecting digitally and through on-screen experiences only, our newest creation 'AMAi' revealed its magic in a cinematic, and also...kind of dramatic way. A grand premiere of this Extremis movie production submerged people in the story about the birth of AMAi.

Missed the premiere? Don't worry! Scroll down to experience several jaw-dropping moments about yet another multifunctional piece of furniture, and watch amusing movie scenes of Dirkus Documentus, Harry Topper and his wizardly friends on the verge of discovering 'A Magnificent Amazing Idea'.

Start of a magical quest

Movie trailer

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Harry Topper is a young wizard who is still learning how to do magic properly. One day, he’s approached by Dirkus Documentus to join him on a magical quest. A quest that starts in the lovely town of Proven in Belgium.

Scroll down and watch closely as they reveal this magical tool for togetherness! 

Facile convertali!

The magic of a convertible tabletop

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Two A-shaped side frames provide a solid construction where multifunctional magic finds its purpose. In between these frames, you can position the tabletop into two heights: standard or high. Thanks to the innovative design, even a single person can smoothly slide the tabletop from ‘sitting height’ into ‘standing height’ and vice versa. 

Umbra Solis Vela

The creation of shade

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The frame overhead also has some conjuring assets to offer. A clever shade structure offers protection from the sun or shelters you from light drizzle. When used indoors, the same shade is an acoustic upgrade, adding an ambient vibe to even the most sterile places.

Conversus Lumine

Modularis has found the light!

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LED-lights controllable by Casambi app on smartphone support your gathering well into the evening and power outlets offer connectivity even outdoors.

AMAi, AMAi, AMAi...

Connecting the pieces together

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By adding more A-frames, you extend togetherness into infinity. Get creative by combining your favorite finishes and accessories to accommodate any communal experience. A boundless block party, manageable workday or garden feast, AMAI supports each experience with ease, leaving you with the true joys in life.

Behind the scenes

What an amazing magnificent cast!

Dirk, some Extremis team members, and special guest Bert Vanhove from Modular took on the challenge of acting in this movie. A once in a lifetime opportunity!

Very nice, from beginning to end. A pleasure to watch. Congrats!


Watching this made me super happy!

Bart C.

an Extremis film production

“Harry Topper and the Table of Proven”
for the digital product launch of 'AMAI'

Actors: Dirk Wynants, Nils Ferlin, Lien Sinnesael, Nicola Bonriposi, David Bridelance, Bert Vanhove | Filmed in: The beautiful west corner of Flanders in Belgium | Production: Stokedhouse | Written by: Dirk Wynants | Director: Joey Tuyaerts

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