Voucher conditions

General terms and conditions voucher

Buy an Extremis Abachus, Anker, Gargantua, Pantagruel, Pontsun, Hopper and get a gift voucher worth 25 euros to spend on the Extremis maintenance web shop.

This voucher sits inside the packaging, on the table top of the furniture piece.
The voucher may be traded in only at shop.extremis.com

For further details: + 32 57 34 60 20 or info@extremis.com


Buy a selected product and get a voucher worth 25 EUR


Article 1 – Organisation 

EXTREMIS N.V. with registered office at Couthoflaan 20B in 8972 Proven, with company number 0434.625.128 (referred to below as ‘EXTREMIS N.V’) is organising a give-away “Buy a selected product and get a voucher worth 25 EUR” promotional campaign (referred to below as the “CAMPAIGN” ).

The voucher can be used for up to 1 year at the latest after the purchase date of the furniture piece (the date on the purchase invoice serves as proof).


Article 2 – Terms and conditions of entry

The campaign applies only to the Abachus, Anker, Gargantua, Pantagruel, Pontsun, Hoppercollections.
The campaign applies only for purchases made with the Extremis distributors taking part.
The campaign is open only to end users. 
End users who wish to trade in their voucher should enter the unique code found on the voucher in the final stage of their online order process at the Extremis maintenance web shop: shop.extremis.com” and must do so 1 year at the latest  after the purchase date of the furniture piece.
This offer cannot be used in conjunction with other Extremis campaigns.
If you have questions and/or comments about the campaign, please send us a mail at info@extremis.com or call us at + 32 57 34 60 20.


Article 3 – Liability 

Extremis NV declines all and any liability for the fact that the products are out of stock at the points of sale.

Extremis reserves the right to end the campaign (early) or to change the campaign’s terms and conditions of entry if:
- the campaign cannot continue or cannot be continued in the same manner as a result of statutory or regulatory provisions or interpretations by public authorities;
- the continuation of the campaign proves impossible or the campaign cannot be continued under the same conditions;
- the circumstances surrounding the campaign have changed in such a way  that the continuation of the campaign were to entail unreasonably supplementary costs or cause difficulties for Extremis NV.

Entering the campaign implies the user’s agreement to and acceptance of the present promotional terms and conditions. The court of competent jurisdiction which will hear disputes relating to the campaign shall be the Commercial Court of Ieper (Ypres). Any court proceedings shall be preceded by an attempt to arrive at an amicable settlement.


Article 4 – Personal data 

The data obtained by Extremis NV in connection with the campaign shall be recorded in a data file. These data shall be treated as confidential and in compliance with applicable privacy laws and regulations. By entering the campaign, the user agrees and accepts that the data shall be processed with a view to ensuring the proper conduct of the campaign. The personal data shall not be disclosed to third parties unless this is required by law or this is necessary to further process the voucher-request, to process the invoice or to prevent fraud. The data supplied may be accessed and/or amended or deleted free of charge. In order to exercise your rights, please contact us by e-mail at info@extremis.com or by letter at NV Extremis, 20B Couthoflaan in 8972 Proven. You are equally within your rights to put forward a complaint with the Belgian Commission for the Protection of Privacy (Commissie voor de bescherming van de persoonlijke levenssfeer) commission@privacycommission.be.