The 4-seat picnic table reinvented, ensuring easy access for all

An outdoor table that offers practicality, easy transport and fun? Step up your game with the Manille picnic table! Just like the card game it's named after, Manille embraces traditions, smart moves, and maximizing options. From a cozy setting for four to a sprawling table for twelve, with its unique design and practical features, Manille is sure to pull the right card.


Centuries ago, the Manille card game made its way to France and Western Belgium. Today, the game remains immensely popular in West Flanders, and also at the Extremis offices. Manille is played both at home and in cafes while having a drink and a chat, whether around noon on Sundays or late at night on weekdays. It's ingrained in our DNA. So, when seated at a table for four, the natural thing to do is... play those cards! We invite you to experience the ultimate togetherness with Manille! Learn the rules here. 

What makes this picnic table stand out is its versatility. Extend the table in length by connecting multiple tables side by side. Thanks to a connection piece, you can join as many tables together as you want. After connecting the tables, the benches are still as accessible as before. Whether it’s a cozy setting for four or a sprawling table for sixteen, there’s no limit to the length of Manille. 

No need to drag a parasol foot to the table by the way. The incredibly simple shade system is entirely fixed onto the backrests of the Manille picnic set. 

Simply roll out the canvas

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Named after the card game, the flat-packed, pallet-fitting design makes Manille a literal “gamechanger” in the world of outdoor design furniture

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