An evening of togetherness

Belmont, United States

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An evening of togetherness
Tools for togetherness

Next to the Michigan woods, we celebrated an evening of togetherness with our neighboring company Conscious Clothing the night before the launch of their winter line.

What do an outdoor furniture company and a sustainable fashion brand have in common aside from the stunning esthetic of their designs? Their mutual love of the environment.  

Both Concious Clothing and Extremis started with small, humble visions of crafting something sustainable for their loved ones and have grown organically into brands cherished for their designs but remembered for their philosophies.

At Extremis, we follow the old Shakers adage: “Don’t make anything unless it is both necessary and useful. And if it is, don’t hesitate to make it beautiful", never launching a product for the sake of following trends, but only launching designs that add a functional value and are made with materials that last.

Conscious clothing aims to encourage careful consumption by crafting timeless apparel with high quality and sustainably sourced materials that are meant to be enjoyed over the years, rather than simply worn once and tossed aside.

Being both mindful of the longevity of our products, sustainable choices are made early in the design process.

Both being mindful of the longevity of our products, sustainable choices are made early in the design process.

From the Picnik table made from one solid sheet of aluminum with no waste to the zero-waste pants, leveraging creativity to reduce waste is a non-negotiable and conscious effort made by both teams.

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We both aim to combat the mass consumption habits of our respective industries by encouraging customers to think not about what something will look like directly out of the package, but how it will look in years to come; in making the conscious choice to buy timeless products made of sustainably sourced materials that last.

Pictures by Leigh Ann Cobb

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