Catch us by the pool

Roeselare, Belgium

At home, Hopper, Captain's Chair, Sensu, Sol+Luna

Catch us by the pool
Tools for togetherness

Catch us by the pool, dressed in sunrays, drinking the summer sun, telling tales of sweltering memories with sweet fruits in our cups. Catch us by the pool, residing at our pool-colored table, escaping the scorching midday heat with smiles from ear to ear. Catch us by the pool to spend an endless day in the warm embrace of summertide.

In the shade

Around the table

Escaping the sizzling heat, the Sensu sunshade is the preferred pool partner. The flat canopy of this shade has a calming effect on the patio, while the tilting and rotating function makes sure that there's ever ample shade on the table.

Around the Extremis table, each pool lover finds their favorite spot. Sliding onto the bench or finding comfort in the wide shell chairs? With Hopper combo and Captain’s chairs, you’re in for the most comfortable conversations. 

Lounging all day

In more than one way

To lounge or not to lounge, is that even a question? The answer is always yes, especially when you have Sol+Luna at your disposal. These lounge chairs are more than meets the eye, both sofa and lounger at once, they support all the desires of the sun lover. 

Simply take off the cushions and raise the back of the chair to go from sitting to laying down horizontally. 

Pictures by Hilde Verbeke