Conveniently lounging

Proven, Belgium

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Conveniently lounging
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A big patio and a big sofa need... a lot of shade? Not an issue for this Sensu shade. Casting a vast shadow over the seating, and being 360° rotatable, you’ll have nothing to worry about on a sunny day.

Fold, tilt, rotate

Unlike most sunshades, Sensu opens horizontally like the wings of a bird. Thanks to this smart design, the umbrella floats above you without taking up important space in the center of the patio. A spinning lever allows the sunshade to tilt up and down depending on the sunlight, and the pole itself can be rotated as you wish. These options turn Sensu into a smart sunshade that overshadows all other umbrellas.

Tucked in the pouch

This sturdy outdoor sofa withstands all weather elements. Named after an equally forceful animal that withstands the toughest of climates, our Walrus sofa is always ready for some lounging.  

The hide from this all-weather sofa is made of an all-purpose fabric that can stay outdoors all year round - when it rains, the cushions and blankets are safely stored in the pouch. When it’s time to get cushy, just take out the softness from the pouch and start lounging! 

A day surrounded by convenient luxury

Pictures by Extremis

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