Head in the clouds

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Head in the clouds
Tools for togetherness

Lofty lounging becomes a dream come true on this rooftop patio. The Sensu duo diamond throws some welcome shade without taking up any precious space on this city rooftop. The black-colored shade adds to the luxurious city feeling in a way that no other color could.

Throwing some shade becomes a luxury with Sensu. This black shade offers a clean canvas that doesn’t distract the views from the gorgeous city sights. The free-hanging shade leaves all the space available for the sofa and thanks to the tilting function, this umbrella casts shade wherever you like, all day long. 

Carefree unwinding

Walrus is a true tough cookie. This sofa can handle all weather elements whilst also offering instant softness! With built-in storage pouches, the Walrus pillows are easily stored in the sofa itself, which is quite a bonus on the 23rd floor. No more running back and forth with pillows or hustling with ugly covers that just fly away with the wind.  


A minimalistic presence with a big impact.

Images by Beeldcollectief

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