Odisee University College

Ghent, Belgium

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Odisee University College
Tools for togetherness

With approximately 10.500 students, Odisee is among the largest educational institutions in Flanders. For the terrace of their technology campus in Ghent, they chose our low-maintenance galvanized Pantagruel picnic tables. And they didn’t make this decision lightly.

First of all Odisee wanted outdoor furniture that reflects their ecological point of view. The university college has a roof full of solar panels and a particularly green environment. All Extremis furniture is carefully made in Belgium with respect to eco-efficient use of materials, so in that way it was a perfect match. Odisee also fell for the round shape of the Pantagruel picnic table, because it symbolizes their logo icon “O”. 

The Lazy Susan (the rotating tray in the middle of the table) makes it easy for students to share their food and drinks.

Pictures by Beeldcollectief

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