Office apéritif

Proven, Belgium

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Office apéritif
Tools for togetherness

What happens when you place a cocktail table in the office? We noticed that you get much more than office apéritif; instead you create a cozy corner to get to know your colleagues at a deeper level, to brainstorm in a casual setting, and to discover new facets of the workday.

Both minimalistic and tough, Tiki is the perfect cocktail.

The perfect cocktail

Part elegance, part functionality

A modern twist on the high-top café setting; Tiki is apéritif 2.0. The multifunctional wire-frame base allows for the table to be easily folded up, moved around and stored away. Not heavy and awkward to drag around, but lightweight and compactly stored away.

Throwing an office party? Organizing a standing buffet for your company? A fundraiser perhaps? Tiki is your go-to set for any event; just take some stacked stools and fold open the tables. With a pure, minimalist design, Tiki always brings the right vibe – both indoors and outdoors.

Pictures by Beeldcollectief

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