Part elegance, part functionality: the perfect cocktail

This alluring stool awaits you, along with a fine, refreshing cocktail. Tiki is basically bar stool 2.0: not heavy and awkward to drag around, but lightweight and stackable.


Throwing a garden party? Organizing a walking dinner for your company? A fundraiser in the hospital? Tiki is the ideal stool for any occasion, indoors or outdoors. The concept was named after the typical Hawaiian tiki bar, popular in World War II. Its steel legs and seat give it a pure, minimalist design. This bar stool blends seamlessly into any setting, while still offering comfortable seating and support for tired feet. Numb, dangling legs are a thing of the past.

Even with the optional backrest, your guests have optimal freedom of movement to strike up conversations with everyone around. Three height versions make the stool easy to use in a variety of settings.

Never in your way, but always at hand.


A minimalist stool with maximum comfort.

Dirk Wynants