Heavy duty parasol base

Accessory for the Acacia

Three galvanized plates keep Acacia steady on the ground. The hot-dip galvanized foot weighs 45 kg and measures 30 mm high. It is fixed to the shade with bolts and cannot be combined with a Tiki table (for Tiki we recommend a lightweight base). Thanks to the galvanized steel, the foot withstands all outdoor elements but is also suited for indoor use.

Galvanized steel

Galvanized steel

Galvanization is the most durable method for protecting metal from rusting. The metal is immersed in a zinc bath, which results in a protective layer. If the layer gets damaged, the metal under it will start rusting. However, any damage can be touched up with zinc paint available from any DIY store. Galvanized steel has a very long life span and is perfectly recyclable if necessary.

Choose wisely
We call it the George Clooney of coating techniques: its looks improve better with age... Our tools with galvanized surfaces are masters of camouflaging dirt, thanks to the material's rough texture. At first, galvanized pieces look very shiny, but they will gradually turn matte under the influence of sun and rain. Rain may also cause dark stains underneath the connection zones.

How to treat galvanized steel
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After lots of rain & sun

The Heavy duty parasol base is available in one dimension.

48 cm
3 cm
45 kg