A festival in your backyard

With both its name and concept inspired by the warmth of Greek festivals, Panigiri seamlessly combines intelligent design with a hospitable ambiance: an invitation to share moments with family and friends. Whether hosting an intimate dinner party or a grand family gathering, Panigiri's modularity ensures there's a seat for everyone, allowing table segments to be endlessly coupled. By combining chairs, benches and add-on chairs, you create the setting of your desire.


Panigiri offers infinite combinations as soon as you start to play with length and seating options. Comprising only four elements — a central top, two end tops, and legs — the table's smallest setup accommodates eight people comfortably. Adding an extra central top expands the length, providing four additional seats. The possibilities are limitless — construct your desired length with Panigiri! 

Not only does this design make Panigiri extremely modular, but almost as importantly, it’s compact to transport, to store or to move. Since each element fits a single pallet, you can create an endless table without much hassle installing it: every component effortlessly passes through doors or fits into vans or elevators. Stacking one pallet of Panigiri table tops and legs to the ceiling of a truck yields a table accommodating up to 56 people! 

The Bring Your Own Seat (BYOS) option allows you to hook a super comfortable woven backrest and an upholstered seating cushion onto the bench

Panigiri joins smart design with authentic materials, it’s an invitation to come together


The seating options

  • Create a comfort zone at the Panigiri table with Extremis Captain’s Pipe Chairs. They obviously offer more flexibility and ergonomic seating than benches. For those who invite friends for extended 12-course dinners rather than quick lunches. 

  • The Panigiri benches, always perfectly aligned with the table, contribute to an uncluttered view. Enhance comfort with cushions, seamlessly secured through a slide-in technique. 

  • For those who cherish both comfort and a well-aligned view, the Bring Your Own Seat (BYOS) option allows you to hook a super comfortable woven backrest and an upholstered seating cushion onto the bench. BYOS-seats are stackable for convenient indoor storage, providing an inviting space to lean back and relax. 


Providing shade while seated at the Panigiri table is effortlessly achieved with our Sensu parasol. Featuring a special variation on the parasol poleit’s tilted – it guarantees a clear passage in between the bench and the parasol foot. Depending on the length of the Panigiri table, additional Sensu parasols can be seamlessly incorporated. Opting for the duo diamond configuration of the Sensu enables you to create shade with less parasol feet. The shade surface however is slightly smaller in this case. 


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