Afterwork at the Belgian Embassy in Tokyo

Tokyo, Japan

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Afterwork at the Belgian Embassy in Tokyo
Tools for togetherness

On the top floor of the Belgian embassy in Tokyo, Walrus sofas await the staff for an after-work drink. By simply tucking the blankets and cushions into the backrest, the sofa is protected against everyach weather phenomenon. Wind, rain, snow? Bring it on!

Amid Tokyo's bustling cityscape, this outdoor space offers a serene vantage point. It showcases the city's skyline, while providing a retreat from the urban buzz.

A retreat from the urban buzz

Upholstered in sturdy fabric, the Walrus sofas stand as resilient sentinels against all seasons, impervious to rain and durable throughout the year. A hidden surprise lies within: a watertight storage pouch concealing a foldout blanket and soft cushions, ensuring unwavering comfort.

Beyond its practicality, the rooftop terrace reflects the modern shift in office dynamics. It's a space that fosters relaxation and camaraderie, acknowledging the need for well-being in the workplace.

Now, let’s have a beer to celebrate the end of the workday!

Pictures by Joji Okamoto

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