The entire day in the Kosmos

Ruddervoorde, Belgium

At home, Sticks, Kosmos

The entire day in the Kosmos
Tools for togetherness

Come and join us for a lovely day at the pool. We’ve mown the grass, opened up the shade on our Kosmos sofa and the water is at the perfect temperature.

An eye-catching Kosmos set turns this wooden terrace into a luxury resort.

Essential pool accessories

The pool is adorned with white Sticks - the perfect pool accessory. They serve as stylish divider for the sunbather seeking privacy, yet look like a piece of art. In the daytime, Sticks cast a playful shadow on the ground while at night the built-in lights brighten the poolside.

A natural painting

On the water's surface the reflection of the Sticks changes with each moment of the day, making the pool a living painting.

Pictures by Hilde Verbeke

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