Let's get Tiki-Tiki

Tiki, a cherished collection in the Extremis family, has received a complementing pal: the Tiki table.

Named after the typical Hawaiian tiki-tiki bars, this minimalistic set expresses a rich lifestyle that encourages escaping traditional high-top settings, often awkwardly heavy and not the prettiest sight to see, Tiki recreates a wonderful holiday feeling that invites to be shared, with a drink at hand, why not?

Let's get Tiki-Tiki

Always at hand, never in your way

Throwing a garden party? Organizing a walking dinner for your company? A fundraiser at the hospital? Tiki is your compact go-to set for a worry-free moment.

This alluring table and stool await you, along with a fine, refreshing cocktail. Tiki is aperitif 2.0: a modern twist on the high-top café setting, not heavy and awkward to drag around, but lightweight and compactly stored away.

A minimalist design with maximum comfort.

Dirk Wynants

Tiki is apéritif 2.0

Part elegance, part functionality: the perfect cocktail

The Tiki table is a modern and durable twist on the high-top café table. With a pure, minimalist design, Tiki complements any space, both indoors and outdoors, but what truly distinguishes this cocktail table is its foldable design. Just take off the tabletop and fold in the legs when it’s time to hit the dance floor.

Merging elegance and functionality, these simple, uncluttered stools offer comfortable seating and support for tired feet. And unlike most other stools, Tiki is super easy to stack and move around. Available in different heights and colors, they bring the right vibe to any gathering – both indoors and out.

Tiki table 5-people with Tiki bar stools & Acacia

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