Milan, Italy

This was Milan Design Week

Aah Milan, it’s good to be back! After more than a year without fairs, we were thrilled to reconnect and present our exciting novelties…

This was Milan Design Week

Benvenuti a Accademia Costume & Moda!

In previous years, you could find Extremis at the Salone del Mobile, but this year we decided to set another course. We pitched camp in the heart of the one other thing that makes Milan famous: fashion!

In the brand new Milan home of Accademia Costume & Moda, the famous Italian fashion school, we got the chance to show AMAi with all its functionalities, a foldable companion for Tiki, Virus with a fun twist, old classics in new colors, new accessories for Hopper, and a new drifting design for Sol+Luna...

AMAi in the flesh

After a magical virtual launch, we were finally able to let you experience our latest design in real life. A standing, dynamic chat or a comfortable, seated lunch? AMAi is a landing place for togetherness, adapting instantly to every new experience! Such an invention needs to be shared, simply add more A-frames to extend togetherness into infinity.

This height-adjustable table was the perfect partner to reconnect after such a long time apart. With a brand new bar module and the add-on table, AMAi proved to be ideal for tasting some delicious Tremist beer.

More flexible than ever

AMAi is your partner for a flexible lifestyle where each shared moment matters from morning through night. The frame overhead can have optional LED lights and plugs to offer connectivity at all times. Add the shade for protection from the sun or to create a cozy feeling indoors.

The height-adjustable tabletop easily adapts to your needs, but there’s more! Ingenious benches follow the chosen table height. With AMAi in the high position, this bench has a cylindrical seat that offers support. Once you flip this bar to the other side, it acts as a backrest for the bench. This way, it’s both a high and low bench in one!

Private Hopper

Lights, plugs, action

Our iconic Hopper is made for togetherness, but occasionally, people like to get together while also keeping a healthy distance. Think of students flocking together in the library to study, colleagues working on their tasks at a shared desk, or strangers reading the paper next to each other.

An optional frame on Hopper AA strikes the balance between privacy and togetherness, while also adding extra comfort. Integrated in the frame, LED lights illuminate the tabletop while plugs and USB ports offer connectivity, all without taking up any space on the work area itself. No more spilling drinks over sockets or tripping over cables; all necessary connections are safely stored away underneath the frame.


Overshadowing all parasols

Whereas most shades open vertically and have technical parts dangling above your head, this free-hanging shade opens horizontally, combining the beauty of flat design with the functionality of a hand fan. But of course, there’s more to it than aesthetics.

This minimalistic, floating shade opens and closes effortlessly, isn’t positioned in the middle of the table, and offers great wind resistance thanks to its flat surface. By cantilevering the parasol, you optimally cast shade - easily and elegantly.

Tiki Table

Part elegance, part functionality: the perfect cocktail

Tiki table is a light, sophisticated and functional table ready to back your cocktail moment. The modest design is the perfect companion for our Tiki stools, it uses highly durable, outdoor-resistant materials, and the bent steel legs bring comfort to tired feet. But what distinguishes this table is its foldable, compact design. Just take off the tabletop and fold in the legs when it’s time to hit the dancefloor.

A Virus that rolls, what else?

A Virus that rolls, what else?

Virus is well known for playfully spreading good vibes. Can we infect even more people with fun and creativity? Why yes, meet our cruising Virus! With four added wheels, this Virus one-seater becomes a rolling table ready to accommodate a creative meeting, group work, or brainstorm session.

Como Cruiser

Straight from Lake Como

Designer Dirk Wynants is always looking to bring people together in new ways and with new experiences. He placed Sol+Luna on one of his designs to let people lounge and sunbathe not on the traditional patio, but on a sailing terrace - right on top of the water.

An extension to the terrace

This all-electric, silent, and emissions-free boat calmly carries friends over the water without burdening nature. Made to look like a raft, Como Cruiser has an effortless appearance, but don’t be fooled, underneath the hood, there's a highly performant ship that uses the latest technologies.

On the deck, two Sol+Luna sofa-sunbeds offer the possibility to both lounge and sunbathe. Instead of a steering wheel, the Sol+Luna tapa table directs the cruiser to preferred shores. It works more instinctively than a regular steering wheel, left is left and right is right, making Como Cruiser very dummy proof.