Tremist - the togetherness beer

What do beer and design have in common? Well, the Extremis Hopper picnic table was inspired by the hop fields enveloping the company premises, for one thing. But that’s not all. The typical Extremis design method was applied to the creation of the Tremist beer.

Tremist - the togetherness beer
Bar Bernard

Let's raise our glasses

It was initially crafted with a view to spoiling company visitors with an exceptionally refreshing, infinitely drinkable (for some of us at least) beer. The result reflects the same tenacious character as Extremis’ other creations, the 6.4° beer boasts an authentic, high-quality flavour without being too heavy. Due to the highly international nature of Extremis' business operations, shelf life was also an extremely important consideration. This is why a hoppy, blonde “Saison” style beer was chosen; reminiscent of the pale ales that farmers traditionally brewed in less active months and stored until seasonal workers doubled the countryside’s population during summer. 

"The finest aromas and dry bitterness transform the beer into a sublime thirst quencher."

Beer virtuoso Rudi Ghequire translated Dirk Wynants’ exacting beer wish list into an exquisite recipe that’s perfect when served in the special glass designed by Belgian silversmith Nedda El-Asmar. The beer is brewed in a truly unique location: the ancient Kazematten Brewery, ensconced within the 17th-century fortifications that encircle the city of Ypres. In recent years, the improved recipe has regularly been imbibed at international trade fairs and events launching the latest Extremis creations.

Unable to resist the countless pleas to make our beer available to all any longer, we finally entered into a distribution partnership with the Sint Bernardus brewery, a worldwide exporter of Trappist beers. Thanks to them – and the great taste, of course – the first Tremist-serving bars are popping up in the United States, Japan and Scandinavia, and the beer is gracing the shelves of Belgian stores, too.

Hooray Tremist

It may seem like we're award junkies, since our Tremist beer received a silver medal at the World Beer Awards, just like last year. But no, we just love good design, wether it's beer or furniture!  

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