Walrus color guide

With a color combination that fits your style and its surroundings, you'll enjoy this innovative designer sofa for years to come!

Follow these three easy steps to choose colors and fabrics for your Walrus sofa set.


Walrus color guide

Step 1: it's all about that base...

Choose your Walrus base color

The Walrus sofa is made out of outdoor-proof fabric, which therefore endures all seasons. It also has an ingenious storage pouch in the back that stores your blanket and cushions. A dry and snuggly place to sit is instantly available whenever the sun comes out. Yes, even in winter!

Start off by picking one of the four available colors for your Walrus base, as it is the most essential part of your sofa setting!

Walrus color guide

Choose wisely!

As well as your color preference, here are a few things to think about:

  • White and lighter colors are more likely to get dirty over time and will need more maintenance.
  • Dark colors absorb more heat when exposed to direct sunlight.

Step 2: let's get comfy.

Pick a color for your Walrus blanket and comfort cushion

Walrus color guide
Walrus blanket

Not only does the Walrus blanket keep your ass warm and dry, it also creates an extra cozy-looking sofa.

Color tips:

  • As it is an essential part of your sofa set, the color of this blanket defines the style!
  • Go for an earthy or gray tone if you want to play it safe. Or create an eye-catching sofa by picking a more distinguished color.
Walrus color guide
Walrus comfort cushion

This comfort cushion has a great thick and sturdy volume to snuggle up against at all times. Just like your best friends, it always has your back!

Color tips:

  • Go for a tone-on-tone color with your blanket if you want a sofa set that looks stylish and ultra timeless.
  • Play bold by choosing a color that pops out or contrasts with your blanket color.

Step 3: make it extra cozy!

Add deco and/or lumbar cushions

Walrus color guide
Deco cushion

This square-shaped deco cushion is perfect to add more coziness to the Walrus sofa set.

Walrus color guide
Lumbar cushion

Our smallest cushion is ideal to use as a lumbar cushion to maximize comfort. Its rectangle shape adds a dynamic and playful touch.

Walrus color guide

Color tips:

  • Dashing colors and heavily patterned fabrics add an extra accent to your sofa set.
  • Tone-on-tone color combinations are relaxing and easy on the eye.
  • Cushions with natural colors and rich in structure provide a sophisticated look.

Can't choose?

Discover our popular fabric combinations

To make life easier, we have created several color combinations, carefully composed following Extremis' color concepts.

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Walrus color guide

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