Fall into fabrics

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. The last leaves are falling, cold winds are howling. It’s beginning to look a lot…. like….winter. Have you prepared the outdoor terrace for winter by storing away a mess of sofa cushions? Did you apply ugly covers to your chairs or lug heavy picnic tables to the storage shed? If so, what a pity. Next time, consider materials actually made for….the outdoors. Furniture has a big job with Mother Nature as boss and these three Extremis insights might call into question everything you previously knew about outdoor furniture. Ready for some fun facts?

Fall into fabrics

Walrus sofa

Extremis revolutionized the ‘outdoor sofa’ as we once knew it. A completely weatherproof canvas, this sofa can handle whatever snowballs mother nature throws at it while sitting beautifully against a backdrop of freshly fallen snow (or a scorching hot sun if you’re living closer to the equator). Seasonal maintenance is strongly recommended. 

FUN FACT: The fabric of Walrus, Taurpalin, is the same fabric used to cover cargo on semi trucks, keeping it dry & safe from the harsh conditions of the open road.   

I’ve got 99 problems, but the weather ain’t one.

PCV-coated fabric

Comfort cushions are optional. Simply roll them out of the water-tight storage unit in the rear of the sofa module for extra comfort. Take 3 seconds to roll them back in after use and you can safely leave the scene without worry. Sounds too good to be true? It’s all fun and games until your neighbors are jealous.

ATTENTION Clean Freaks: Taurpalin, the fabric of the Walrus has anti-bacterial properties. This means the fabric has been treated with an agent to destroy or suppress bacterial growth and fungi! The very same coating also contains UV stabilization properties. 

Inumbra GIF

Extremis parasols

For the Extremis parasols we use High Tech Polyester. The various properties of this fabric arm the outdoor structures with strength & integrity to face all of mother nature’s elements. Put yourself in your parasol’s shoes sitting outdoors full time. Let’s just say, it doesn’t get to choose its battles.

Q&A: Can I leave my parasol outside during winter?
Yes! Please close the parasol and use the cover which was provided.  

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