Hopper shade

Part of the Hopper collections

Clearly inspired by hop fields

In the opened and closed positions, Hopper shade echoes the lines of the Hopper design. It opens and closes effortlessly, thanks to an internal spring mechanism that takes up no extra space beside the table. This foldable canopy creates ample shade for everyone in a simple, aesthetically pleasing way. 

© Design by Dirk Wynants for Extremis, 2010

High-tech polyester

High-tech polyester

Polyester is the most popular synthetic fibre in the world. The use of special finishing methods makes the fabrics weatherproof, water repellent, dirt repellent, lightfast, etc. High-tech polyester is used for a variety of “sun protection” purposes - from seat cushions to patio furniture through to awning fabrics. High water and UV resistance guarantees an excellent long-term appearance.

Choose wisely
Tree leaves, dust, CO² emissions, pollution, bird droppings etc may leave marks on a spotless white fabric, so keep this in mind when choosing the perfect location for your parasol.

Pole & connection options

Stainless steel 316

Stainless steel 316

The highest stainless steel quality available is type AISI 316. Aggressive environmental conditions caused by chlorides, acid rain, salt and other rusty materials will require periodic maintenance. 

Choose wisely
We advise a regular treatment with stainless steel cleaner or protector, especially in aggressive environments. Products to clean and protect are widely available.

How to treat stainless steel
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Concrete is a composite material composed of sand bonded with a fluid cement that hardens over time. Our concrete blocks are high-pressure moulded to make them stronger.

Choose wisely
Use concrete blocks, only if floor fastening is not possible.

White White
Grey taupe Grey taupe

The Hopper shade is available in different lengths.

256 cm
316 cm
376 cm
268 cm
211 cm


Assembly to Hopper legs
Assembly under Hopper legs
Concrete base
Floor fastening

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