Zeebrugge, Belgium

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Tools for togetherness

Time for a festival!

You arrive around noon and are guided to the The Brunch stage where you are invited to feast on wonderful food prepared by the team of The Jane at this extraordinary seaside venue. As soon as you enter, the party starts - epic DJ's provide the perfect tunes to all kinds of surprises, delightful entertainment and tropical experiences. This was the basic concept of WECANBRUNCH during WECANDANCE, Zeebrugge Belgium. Music continued till midnight, and was topped with magnificent fireworks.

Brunch we can dance
Brunch at We Can Dance
brunch at We Can Dance - Hopper table
Brunch at We Can Dance - Marina
Brunch We Can Dance
Brunch We Can Dance - Picnik
Brunch We Can Dance
Brunch We Can Dance
Brunch at we can dance - kosmos
Pictures by Nena Driehuijzen