A conversation starter

A table that can be as long as your guest list or as short as you need for a family of four: the Marina is designed for intimate gatherings or large meetings. You and your guests can easily move about and engage with everyone. This table is the ultimate conversation playground.


What makes the Marina collection unique is that you can tailor it to your personal needs. Whether used indoors or outdoors, for work or for play, these tables blur the boundaries, turning any occasion into a communal experience.

The ultimate goal of this design? To create unity and simplicity in your home or project. The Marina is also available as a long dining table, without benches attached. The Marina long dining table and the Marina outdoor picnic table can be tailored to almost any length you need. No matter how long the table or benches, the sleek look of the Marina is never lost. The longest so far was 30m. It now resides on the patio of a private residence, where it complements the architectural lines of the house.

The material used in Marina has never been used for outdoor furniture before. Due to its incredible strength, fewer legs are needed to support the long base. And the best part? There's no frame to bump your knees on! All of the fun and games without the bruises.

The table feels just like wood but is a lot less sensitive to temperature changes and humidity.


The fiber glass and polyester composite is a durable and contemporary material that feels just like wood.

Dirk Wynants

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