Nantes’ renewed railway station

Nantes, France

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Nantes’ renewed railway station
Tools for togetherness

Architect Rudy Ricciotti undeniably succeeded in giving la gare de Nantes a magnificent facelift. By constructing a footbridge over the train tracks, he connected the north and south stations while bringing in nature in a nifty way.

18 white concrete trees carry the roof and echo a winter forest, while the many windows offer a panoramic view of the city known as the “Venice of the West”.

White accents bring a sense of calm in the hurdle of passengers.

Awaiting the train in style

The Anker tables are perfect for enjoying lunch or waiting for your next train, while white Sticks offer some privacy from passers-by.

In a busy place like this, it’s a luxury to find comfortable seating that brings a moment of peace during the commuting journey. A delayed train? No problem!

Pictures by Carla Chauvat.

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