Working alfresco

Waregem, Belgium

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Working alfresco
Tools for togetherness

This outdoor office entices colleagues to work alfresco all year long, even in winter. This space is a healthy and natural extension to the traditional – indoor – office, a space where employees can connect with nature and where a sense of community is established.

By installing rows of desks inside a room with little access to nature, you block creativity, productivity and contentment. So why not take the place where people spend most of their day and bring it outside?

Why not take the place where people spend most of their day and bring it outside?

On average, we spend 43 hours a week in the office. That’s a lot. So why not make it a place worth the while? A place that inspires and creates healthy habits, because good design influences good living.

What a way to make a livin’

In the ever growing war for talent, an outdoor office can make the very difference. If you want your employees to love their job and to continue to work with you, create an office that puts them truly at center.

An office where you can feel the fresh air flow can be a true asset that improves health, increases productivity and relieves stress.

Get inspired by our own outdoor office and learn just what you need to create yours! 

Comfortable elegance

The black Hopper AA brings people together while also acting as a statement design piece. The Walrus sofa adds a warm touch to the room where people instantly find comfort and coziness.

Pictures by Beeldcollectief.
Location: Renson Boshuis

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