Poperinge, Belgium

Early spring cleaning of Hopper

It may be winter for a few weeks, yet spring is already on the horizon! Well, you could say spring came to Belgium very early this year ... The only problem: our favorite lunch spot - the Hopper Picnic at Poperinge market - doesn’t look very inviting after a period of winter weather. Time to get this Hopper cleaned and ready for action!

Early spring cleaning of Hopper
Hopper Spring cleaning Poperinge

Depending on the weather, wood needs a good polish at least once a year. We recommend it before spring and before winter, if your furniture is outside the year round. Pick one of those humid, cloudy days, as the wood retains its moisture better when it dries out slowly after cleaning. For thorough cleaning, we recommend our Extremis Wood Cleaner. This is a bio-degradable cleansing shampoo for wooden furniture. The product removes grey discolouration, green deposits and dirt. Should cracks appear, simply sand them down by hand with 80 grit sandpaper. 

1. Dampen the surface

Dampen the surface with water. Use a hose (not a high pressure cleaner!)

Hopper Spring cleaning Poperinge

2. Spray Extremis Wood Cleaner

Spray, spray, spray!

Hopper Spring cleaning Poperinge

3 - Scrub the surface

Scrub the treated area with a nylon brush working length-wise along the wood until it is clean. The product will foam. For stubborn stains, repeat the treatment as we had to do with this bad boy. 

4 - Rinse thoroughly

Rinse thoroughly with water until all the foam has disappeared. Rinse other parts of your furniture immediately too.

Hopper Spring cleaning Poperinge rinsing
Hopper Spring cleaning Poperinge

5 - Leave to dry completely

About 24 hrs at 20°C ambient temperature. Ensure good air circulation.

6 - Have your lunch break at the Hopper!

If you can't wait for the wood to dry, don't. Enjoy your lunch and wet pants... 

Hopper Spring cleaning Poperinge

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