About wood & woods

Look, it's alive! It’s true. Like us, wood is a living material. That’s what makes wood so special. But, as with every living thing, it comes with instructions for care and maintenance.

About wood & woods

Not so vain

We choose wood for its warm aesthetic and its longevity after unpackaging. We believe that, with the proper care, wood is the most sustainable material we can offer. Not only is it long-lasting, but there are no intensive manufacturing processes involved in its growth.

For every design in the collection we scoured the globe for the best wood species with the smallest possible impact on the environment. 

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Functional and stylish
  • Wood is pleasant to the touch, even at the extremes of temperature
  • Wood is extraordinarily strong
  • Minor damage is easy to repair by sanding
  • Proper care and maintenance can extend the warm and youthful aesthetics
Ecological and ever-lasting
  • A natural, growing resource. In other words: it is renewable
  • Our FSC®- or PEFC-certified wood comes from sustainably managed forests
  • All wood used by Extremis belongs to durability Class I and lasts for decades, even when permanently exposed to sun or rain
  • Wood stores CO2
  • Wood requires little energy to process. It takes 60 times less energy to produce than materials such as steel.
  • Supplied without binding agents, our woods contain no harmful substances

Storm follows function

Remember that unlike its indoor counterparts, outdoor furniture takes a constant beating from the elements. Changing temperatures, humidity, rain, acid rain and UV rays bring about a gradual change in the physical properties of wood. Wood turns grey, for example, and the surface can sometimes roughen. But the structural integrity of the material is not compromised by these changes, maintenance is not mandatory, and you can take steps to keep your wood in the excellent condition you expect from it. 

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Natural iroko
Weathered iroko

Cleaning the wood properly, sanding it when needed and protecting it with oil goes a long way, and indeed this is all part of the journey of taking pleasure in your table over many years.

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