The color of authenticity

Our tireless search for purity and honesty has resulted in a color palette inspired by the furthest reaches of the globe. Starting from the elemental transparency of matte monochromes contrasted with brushed finishes in shades of white and grey… to the warmer tints and textures of terracotta and natural nuances in green… and the unmistakeably feminine inspiration of cool, sculptural tints…

The color of authenticity

Colorful environment

The color of authenticity
The color of authenticity

Our colors attempt to strike that delicate balance between presence and absence. They should speak to us while at the same time silently fading into the background.


Colors capable of inspiring without imposing, offer a blank canvas for the art of living.

The color of authenticity

Out of the Fjordinary

A boreal and montane togetherness biome

We translated the northern biomes into a balanced color palette, transcending the ordinary through a blend of nature’s most incredible beauty

Forest & Fields

A green and rural togetherness biome

Rooted in West-Flemish tradition, we blend temperate forest elements - the main European biome - with local clay and hay for a unique touch

The color of authenticity
The color of authenticity

A Lotta Terracotta

A mediterranean togetherness biome

Welcome to warm earthy tones and terracotta red shores: this is just the perfect holiday color palette

Majestic Mirage

A sandy and breezy togetherness biome

Embark on a captivating nighttime escapade where gentle hues of yellows and rich accents cast a mesmerizing allure over the dunes

Color of authenticity