Throw in a round cushion to add a touch of color to your piece. These soft seats have a silicone plug that fits into the drainage hole of the seat; this way the cushion stays in place while you sit in ultimate comfort. Available in different Sunbrella® colors, these cushions are made from the best outdoor fabric and match any esthetic. 



Sunbrella® is an acrylic fabric that is still known as the best outdoor fabric available for making cushions. The raw material is Sunbrella® solution-dyed acrylic fiber. The color pigments are locked right into the very heart of the fibers during the initial stage of the manufacturing process, before the yarn is even made Sunbrella® colors stand up to tough weather conditions and years of sun exposure.

Choose wisely
Our Sunbrella cushions and blankets are machine washable at low temperatures. A white and a colored cushion can both get dirty, but the white one will look dirtier sooner. Do not tumble dry.

How to treat Sunbrella
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Grey chiné (Sunbrella® Natté) Grey chiné (Sunbrella® Natté)
Dark taupe (Sunbrella® Natté) Dark taupe (Sunbrella® Natté)
Marble (Sunbrella® Lopi) Marble (Sunbrella® Lopi)
Charcoal (Sunbrella® Lopi) Charcoal (Sunbrella® Lopi)
Leaf green (Sunbrella® Heritage) Leaf green (Sunbrella® Heritage)
Indigo (Sunbrella® Heritage) Indigo (Sunbrella® Heritage)
Loto (Sunbrella® Domino) Loto (Sunbrella® Domino)
Craps (Sunbrella® Domino) Craps (Sunbrella® Domino)

The Cushions is available in one dimension.

34 cm
1,5 cm
0,31 kg