Japanese mountain

Chikuho, Fukuoka, Japan

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Japanese mountain
Tools for togetherness

Nero Botanica in Japan houses stylish restaurants, adorable gift shops and trendy office spaces. The semi-pyramid-type building, made from black stone, is reminiscent of the coal mine mountain Bota. The extra-ordinary building is surrounded by a narrow strip of water and several Kosmos table-seat combinations. The Kosmos shade provides enough protection from the sun for everyone and enhance the cozy atmosphere. It’s the ideal spot to have an outdoor meeting or to grab lunch. Do you prefer a spectacular view? Then you can head up to the 3rd floor. There, you’ll find a beautiful open atrium, where the Hopper picnic tables invite you to enjoy the comfortable breeze and sunlight.

At the Hopper picnic table you have a spectacular view of Chikuho city.

Enjoy the sun
Enjoy the shade

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